We are building the technology and community to guide students on their education journey.
GrantMe is a technology company that has the goal of guiding students on their education journey in Canada so they can reach their full potential. Canadian students - from grade 9s to undergraduates - use our platform to win scholarships, get into their top-choice schools, and land high-paying jobs.
The potential of students

Despite hundreds of millions of dollars in scholarships and awards available, students in Canada still graduate with on average $26,000 in student debt.


A confusing system, unclear guidelines, and a lack of clear information are constraining the potential of ambitious students who want to make an impact.


Getting admitted into the program of their choice & starting their dream career helps more students take on new opportunities, and increases our country’s economic output.

The new education stack
GrantMe combines a team of humans who authentically care for students with the technology platform that puts a wealthy student mindset at the heart of your educational journey.
Student Success Team

Sitting atop our Academy Platform is our Student Success Team to answer your emails, texts, phone calls – and turn your requests and feedback into features & solutions on our platform.

The Academy Platform

At our core is a powerful web application that makes matching to scholarships, applying to your top choice schools, creating and editing essays, and organizing your time easy.


Our cloud-based technology allows us to act like an on-demand school counselor who is solely focussed on your financial wellbeing along your educational journey.

Our core values
We build our core values into everything we do at GrantMe.
Student and Parent Obsession

We put students and parents at the core of everything we do.

Leaders Creating Leaders

We believe that true leaders create other leaders.

Constant Daily Improvement

We believe in getting better everyday. That means us, our technology, and our students.

Inputs Over Outputs

We’ve never raised any money or taken on any debt. We built GrantMe with our customers’ support, reinvesting into making the platform and service better to serve more students.


We aim to do what we say and by when we say it will be done.

Removing educational complexity
We work with scholarship organizations, schools, and corporate partners so that GrantMe students don't have to.
GrantMe is headquartered in Vancouver, with an office in Toronto, and a distributed team across the country.

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Help us eliminate student debt and empower students with the tools and skills to create a fulfilling future