What is UBC Sauder’s Acceptance Rate?

If you want to know more about the UBC Sauder acceptance rate, and how to heighten your chances of getting in, then keep on reading!

UBC Sauder welcomes applicants from across Canada and the globe, of all cultures and backgrounds. It’s a diverse and dynamic group, sure to inspire you — but with so many student applicants, the school is a highly competitive faculty to get into.

So you might be wondering; “How can I get accepted into UBC Sauder?”

How many students are admitted to first-year UBC Sauder?

Over 8,000 students apply to the first year of UBC Sauder’s program each year, but the faculty only accepts around 530 students for first year.

What is the UBC Sauder acceptance rate?

This makes the UBC Sauder acceptance rate only 6%!

The minimum required grade point average to get into UBC Sauder is 84%, however, previous entering classes to UBC Sauder have had a mean GPA of 96%.

Therefore, the average GPA you should aim for to get accepted into UBC Sauder is usually above a 92%. However, your acceptance won’t be solely based on your GPA!

Any students wishing to apply for Sauder should make sure to combine their academic courses with their extracurricular activites(Clubs, Councils, Volunteer Work, Sports, Etc.), as students will be required to complete a “BCom Personal Profile” with their general application.

The BCom Personal Profile plays a significant role in Sauder admissions decisions.

Here are some tips to completing the Personal Profile:

  • This is your opportunity to tell us about yourself
  • Talk about some of your more significant extracurricular activities
  • Focus your attention on what you learned as a result of your experiences rather than what the experiences were
  • Keep in mind that the factors considered in the evaluation of your application include:
    • Academic performance
    • Demonstrated leadership skills
    • Communication skills
    • Goal-setting and problem-solving skills
    • Community contributions
    • Teamwork

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