Why Scholarships Can Be The Highest Paying Job You’ve Ever Had

Is it ridiculous to say that scholarships can be your highest paying job—even more more lucrative than a career as a doctor or lawyer? It is ridiculous. But it can be true. GrantMe’s Head of Enrollment, Arry Pandher, who went through our program in Grade 12, estimated that he spent about 40 hours working on scholarships in his senior year with our help. And he won $118,000. Do the math on that… That’s $2,950/hr! Now, not everyone will have that level of success. Arry is a special case. But imagine for a second if you worked twice as hard, and won half as much… your…

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How GrantMe Finds Scholarships

You might be wondering what sets GrantMe’s Scholarship Database apart from other scholarship search…

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The Scholarship Opportunity Window

Imagine that from age 17-22 there was a pool of money available to you. Let’s…

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What is the Timeline for Scholarships

The timeline for scholarships actually starts in Grade 11 when your Scholarship Opportunity Window opens.…

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What is an Elite Scholarship?

In Canada, more than $10 million in scholarships go unclaimed every year. There are a…

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