The Hiring Process At GrantMe

So you’ve noticed that 10,000 North American Baby Boomers are retiring each day – and we need to rapidly educate the next generation of leaders to fill their void. And you might have noticed that education is one part of the solution – but it can be enhanced with technology and personal development to give our young leaders the skills to navigate the rapidly changing world. If you’ve noticed this, and you’re passionate about solving this problem with a group of high achievers, then you might be considering applying to GrantMe.

You also might be looking at how GrantMe sits at the intersection of Education, Technology, and Personal Development. You might have noticed that we’re growing quickly and reward excellent execution and initiative with a ton of responsibility and growth. And if this is intriguing to you, then you might be wondering how to join GrantMe.

Here are some questions that we often get from Prospective Team Members.

Will I be considered for a role?

Yes. We’re very proud to have an extremely diverse team. We routinely hire folks on work visas, getting their PR & citizenships from all different countries, ethnicities, and backgrounds. We’ve hired students and given them teams to run, and we’ve hired folks from other careers and given them critical responsibilities. We are welcoming of everyone, and we care less about who you are and more about the contribution you can make towards the mission.

So what are we looking for?

We are looking for Bar Raisers. Folks who will elevate the level of performance of the team they are entering. Yes, we stole this from Amazon. We don’t necessarily look for balanced performers but people who will raise the level of the group in one dimension. Maybe you bring more experience, a better skillset, you raise the energy of the group, or maybe you’ll just push everyone to be better. But in some way, we look for folks who raise the level of the group they’re entering.

We’re looking for folks who are hungry for growth and don’t mind discomfort in achieving that. By definition, growth = change. And the people who thrive at GrantMe crave this. They want coaching and feedback, and training and get bored easily when not challenged. So we are looking for that.

We’re not looking for workaholics. We are looking for people so passionate about the job that they work hard – but they don’t use work as an excuse to not achieve their personal and health goals. We’re looking for people who want to be surrounded by other high performers.

Lastly, we are looking for folks who are congruent and who act with integrity. You’ll be asked to share your experiences and accomplishments with us, including how you achieved them. We’ll be verifying this with your references and in your interview.

How will the process look?

You’ll start with a quick phone conversation to see if the role that you’re applying to is a fit on a high level. This is usually about 15 minutes. If we both agree that it’s a fit, you’ll fill out a Work History Questionnaire and a Principles.You Personality Assessment. You’ll get to keep the Personality Assessment because we think it’s a great tool for anyone looking to develop in their careers.

From there, you’ll do a 60-minute Work History Interview with our team. Following this step, depending on the role, we might have a few more conversations or do a job shadow to make sure you’re set up for success. Then we check your references to verify what was said in the Work History Questionnaire and Interview. After this, if we still both agree that working together will be awesome, then you can expect an offer letter via email. 🎉

But the process doesn’t end there; we’re known for a super efficient and fast onboarding period. We take all the notes from your Personality Assessment, references, and Work History Interview to customize your onboarding to fit your learning style. We’ll get you to write down your Personal, Health, and Professional goals on our Goal Wall and you’ll be expected to get working on your plans for those during your onboarding. Finally, you’ll get right into the culture because you’re expected to give critical feedback on the onboarding process so that it can be improved for the next team member.

We designed this process to select people that will continuously raise the bar, provide diverse opinions, and then improve the overall process again and again to develop the next generation of leaders. And this is just one small way that we think we’re making the world a better place.

If you want to join us on our mission, we look forward to your application! You can look at our current openings here.

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