How to answer "What Makes You Unique"

“What makes you unique?” It’s a classic and the only thing between you & your spot at university.

Has anyone taught you the perfect way to answer this question? (Of course, not.)
Many tears have been shed over this question. Hair has been pulled out. How can you expect a high schooler to know how to answer this question? You can’t.

Well, here’s how. Find your unique offering.

Try studying a university’s set of core values and its mission statement. You need to familiarize yourself with what they are so that your application is addressing the criteria that they place a high value on. Once you are clear, the question you should ask yourself is how your strengths support a goal that this specific school is working towards and describing how you plan to tackle it for them.

Check out this example!

Queens University’s goal to have “connected leaders” truly resonates with me because I am passionate about community betterment and substantive research. As an involved member of Port McNeill, I cannot wait to explore the opportunities to promote unity and belonging in a community-driven culture like Queens. As an ardent believer in the strength of live music, I plan to start a weekly open mic. Creating a venue for artists to share their creations is important to me, especially one which incorporates diversity in the participants and the art form. My goal is to bring people together and encourage collaboration and thoughtful discussion on worldviews and music.

Ashleigh W. - GrantMe

Hope that helps! Check out Ashleigh who won $30,000 through her applications. 

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