How to Win Scholarships Starting in Grade 10

If you’re thinking about post-secondary, scholarships should definitely be on your radar. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start, especially if you’re not yet in Grade 12. Here’s how to win scholarships by getting a headstart on the process as early as Grade 10!

Planning for Success

The absolute best time to win scholarships is in Grade 12. During this period, you have a unique opportunity window to win 5-10x more scholarships than in any other year! You want to take the time before you enter Grade 12 to ensure that you’re ready to take advantage of this great opportunity to win scholarships for your education. 

So before you’re busy with university applications, graduation, and all the other exciting things your senior year brings, make sure that you have the skills and experiences to be a top scholarship candidate!

Building your resume

The first step in how to win scholarships is building a strong resume. You want to fill it with experiences that will show scholarship committees why you’re the best candidate! Most scholarships committees typically assess three main characteristics in students when they award scholarships:

  1. Community Impact
  2. Character & Leadership
  3. Academic Achievement

Fulfilling each of these criteria can’t happen overnight. Spend your time before Grade 12 volunteering, building up your GPA, and developing a strong sense of who you are as a student and leader.  

Perfecting the Scholarship Writing Style

Another key skill in how to win scholarships is strong writing skills. Most scholarships require some sort of essay with your application. This essay is important in putting you in the running for a scholarship. 

However, scholarship essays are different from the essays you may be used to in your English class. You want to lean into the Scholarship Writing Style. This kind of writing is clear, compelling, and professional. However, you also want to be personal and authentic. 

Learning how to write stellar essays takes time. Although you might not be able to submit your application until you enter Grade 12, you can start writing your scholarship essays now while you have the time! You can practice your skills and get lots of feedback so that when the time comes to submit your application, you have a winning scholarship essay!

Overall, the key to learning how to win scholarships is to plan ahead. Follow these tips to help you set yourself up for success!

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