Parent Guidebook

At GrantMe we are dedicated to the success of our students and here is how you can contribute to their success. Here are simple steps to get the most from your child’s education journey with GrantMe.

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Welcome to GrantMe

Our mission is to accelerate the journey to your dream career.

GrantMe is an education technology company that has the goal of eliminating student debt in Canada. Canadian students—from Grade 9s to undergraduates—use our platform to win scholarships, get into their top-choice schools, and land high-paying jobs.

We make the scholarship and post-secondary admissions process simple.

Our platform and formula for success provide students with straightforward steps to get the most from their educational journey. Our personalized scholarship matching, essay editing, mentorship, and unlimited support help maximize your success.

Ready to help your student build a fulfilling future for themself?

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Your Assessment Call

Your assessment interview will give you an idea of how much your student may be able to realistically win through scholarships, what pursuing the right education opportunities will look like, and how to land a great career opportunity. We’ll go over your student’s resume, academics, and experiences to help you set realistic goals!

If your student is a good fit, then we may offer you the opportunity to start with GrantMe. If it’s not a good fit because we don’t think we can help you, we’ll be upfront about that and let you know.

We cover valuable information, and we have a high volume of students wanting to join the program. So, we request that you as a parent or guardian are also available to attend the call. We go over some valuable information that everyone involved in the education journey will want to see – so we’ll do our best to schedule a time that works for everyone.

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Getting started with the GrantMe Platform

We’re so excited you and your student are taking strides towards creating a fulfilling future for them. Congrats on this first step!

Using the GrantMe platform to accelerate your journey

We recommend that your student complete the platform onboarding as soon as they get the chance. One of the first steps they should take is filling out their matching criteria to determine the best funding matches. Consider going over this with your student to double-check that it’s filled out correctly. This will ensure they don’t miss out on financial opportunities.

Utilizing our essay, resume, & cover letter editing service

The first step is to submit their first essay draft for editing. They can find the prompt for the GrantMe Education Scholarship and the steps on how to submit essays for editing in the app! We also edit resumes, cover letters, and grant applications to make sure you nail it!

Utilizing our support

We want to ensure that your student is receiving all the support they need to succeed in the scholarship process. We have a curriculum of mentor led webinars for students to follow to prepare for their next steps on their journey. We designed a 100-day journey where we check in at key milestones with you and your child. We also have super fast email, text, and livechat response times – so you can always get a hold of us.

Supporting Your Child

Although your child is responsible for much of their success, there a few key things you can do to support them!

Preparing for Post-Secondary

Your student’s volunteer and leadership experience is key to their success. Encourage and support their involvement in extracurricular activities and volunteer work! They want to aim for a mixture of initiator, leader, and member roles.

Initiator roles are volunteer roles in which they start an initiative like a new club or project. Leader roles are a step down from initiator roles, like being a coach or a camp counsellor. Lastly, member roles are involvements in which they volunteer as part of a team.

Timing is also key to success. You want to help your student prepare for post-secondary admissions and scholarships early. If you have students not yet in Grade 12, they can start their admissions and scholarship applications now so that they have less work to do during their busy Grade 12 year.

You also want to encourage your student to consistently apply for scholarships.

Help them to create a consistent schedule for writing applications so that it becomes a habit.

You can also take some responsibility off their hands by helping them to research financial requirements and create a budget for post-secondary. This helps them set goals for the funding they need and reduce surprises or stress.

Lastly, one of the final challenges your student may face preparing for post-secondary is managing their time and stress. They may have a busy schedule, especially if they’re engaging in difficult academics and engaging in extracurriculars. Help them create a schedule for themselves to ensure they can complete their responsibilities and make time for post-secondary and scholarship applications.

Your student should aim to start school admissions applications at least a month before the deadline. Applications for scholarships worth more than $10,000 should also be started a month ahead of time. Smaller scholarship applications can be started 2 weeks in advance.

Managing their schedule and thinking about finances and the future may also be stressful for your student. Encourage and support them in also taking care of themselves during this process. Help them ensure they get enough rest and nourishment to be able to accomplish all their goals.

Thriving in Post-Secondary

You can support your child in thriving through post-sec by helping them with budgeting. You can show them how to set up a budget and manage their finances throughout the year. You can even go a step further by helping them automate part of their finances, like bill payments or spending limits!

The scholarship process doesn’t just end after Grade 12. You can continue to help your student create a habit of consistently applying to funding. They can check their school for new scholarships and bursaries or continue to use the GrantMe matching app to access scholarship opportunities.

Transitioning into post-secondary is a big change. There are new academic standards to get used to, new friends, and new opportunities. You can continue to help your student manage their time and the new stresses of post-secondary.