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Supporting your child with Their education should be three things: Simple, Clear, & effortless

When students and families feel they have options their future looks bright. Let GrantMe’s education planning platform be your family’s guide in planning a future full of options. Your child deserves to graduate to the next level.


The GrantMe Journey

Accurate admissions & scholarships for your child

No need to scour through articles and websites claiming to know how to win scholarships & get into your top schools.

Our education planning platform will find scholarships that your child is actually eligible for as well as the right universities to apply to. Plus, we’ll build the plan to keep them on track.

Writing winning essays, interview prep, and university preparation for your child's future

By supporting your child with developing the skillset needed to get into top schools, win funding & above all – excel when they get there, GrantMe will remove your family’s uncertainty around education planning, and create options for a brighter future.

Turn pressure into possibility

Turn your child’s pressure into getting into their dream university and graduating debt-free into endless possibilities. By creating a roadmap personalized for your child’s education journey, we’ll remove the uncertainty around admissions and scholarships. No more guesswork & potential pitfalls. We’ll look around corners for you as you navigate the university process with a simple plan.

Parent Guidebook

Not sure how to support your child with their university journey? Read our free parent guidebook that covers RESPs, the university process & how you can support your child during this new journey.

School & Career Discovery

Your child will attend personalized 1-1 calls to get your questions for university & scholarships answered. No guesswork needed.

University Prep Workshops

Your child will learn actionable strategies from Admissions Experts. Students don’t know what they don’t know about admissions and scholarships. Our workshops fill that gap.

Application Writing

Our Student Support Application Specialists will review & edit your application with a 12-hour turnaround time until it’s ready to go.

No more wondering if your essay is “good enough”. Apply with confidence.


Wondering how the top students of Canada manage their time? Budget their finances? Land their dream internships? Our GrantMe Mentors run weekly workshops for you to connect with them and learn their keys to scholarship & post-secondary success.

Scholarship Matching

GrantMe will find the personalized & best scholarships for your child to apply to so they have a clear roadmap to follow and don’t have to spend hours looking for scholarships


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Families Love Us

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We chose GrantMe so Teresa could have a direction to where she wanted to go. She had the drive to do the work but she got direction on how to do it, and that's what matters the most. She saved a lot of time with GrantMe helping her.
Isaac S.
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GrantMe has been a fantastic experience for our kids. We’ve recommended it to our friends & families! It’s a great program that I wish I had when I was in school.
Harinder P.
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GrantMe has been absolutely amazing. We were so lost on what to do before the program. It really helped him get clear direction and it helped his writing & self-management skills too. We’re grateful to have found GrantMe.
Dave P.


Empower Your Child To Reach Their Maximum Potential

Use our education planning platform team to get your child university ready and graduate debt-free. We’ve helped over 3,500 students get into the top universities in Canada. It’s your child’s turn now.

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