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Designed for a positive bank balance for students

The Academy breaks down the hidden steps to secure your future as a student. Join the Academy to learn how to get into your top school, apply to scholarships, craft an irresistible application to stand out, and more.

An integrated system
Student success system

Simple steps to follow to get the most from your educational journey. Workshops, applications, and objectives are timed to match to the time of year. You’re made aware of every approaching due date and key deadline so that you can see around corners and know what’s coming. So you can stop guessing & start getting results.

Scholarship matching
Scholarships for you

Most students never apply because they never know where to go or where to start. 

GrantMe will help you find the accurate scholarships for you to apply so you have a clear roadmap to follow. We narrow down your top scholarships for you. We breakdown the deadlines of your top scholarships for the year and build a roadmap to apply to them so you’re organized. 

You won’t have to wonder if the scholarship you’re applying to is the right one for you to win.

You’ll know it is.

Scholarship matching
Scholarships for you

Match to scholarships that are an actual fit for you. Learn how many students have applied, how many have won, and which scholarships are worth your time.

Essay editing​
Write winning essays​

You can have the best resume in the world but if you can’t craft a compelling essay about yourself, your application will likely fall short behind the rest. With the Academy, you’ll learn how to write a powerful essay that differentiates you from other applicants.

We’ll review & edit your application until it’s ready to go. 

No more wondering if your essay is “good enough” – we’ll let you know when it is so you can apply with confidence.

Essay editing​
Write winning essays​

Get coaching on how to write a winning essay using past winning essays, and use our proven Essay Wizard to standout and actually win the scholarships that you apply to. If you’re applying to entrance awards and admissions, you can use our essay system to write stronger essays that authentically reflect who you are and improve your chances of getting accepted.

We've got your back
Mentorship webinars and unlimited support

Get mentorship from students who walked in your shoes and who were successful with the platform. Weekly office hours with our team to answer any of your questions live. Unlimited support via email and text whenever you need it.

GrantMe team
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Leyton Vergeire - GrantMe Scholar
I no longer have to worry my family with the cost of attending university.
– Leyton Vergeire
Gurniwaz Gagar - GrantMe Scholar
GrantMe has given me the opportunity to live for myself…
– Gurniwaz Gagar

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