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Work with our team to secure a spot at Canada’s top schools. We’ve helped over 3,500 students get into the top universities in Canada. We can help you too.

A Proven System

With experience, we have learned exactly what makes students successful. You are guided, not based on guesses but on a data-backed system built on having supported 3,500+ students with applications to Canada’s top schools.

Here's How We Help You

Admissions Consulting

Start exploring your school options by attending one of GrantMe’s Weekly Workshops to see what other top students across Canada are up to. A student account manager will work with you directly to find out which schools and programs are the right fit for you and identify the pros and cons for each option. After that, we will develop a unique profile and pathway that will help you get into your top 3 dream schools.

No guesswork needed.

Admissions Consulting
Application Writing

You can have the best resume in the world but if you can’t craft a compelling essay about yourself, your application will likely fall short behind the rest. With the Academy, you’ll learn how to write a powerful essay that differentiates you from other applicants. We’ll review & edit your application until it’s ready to go.

No more wondering if your essay is “good enough” – we’ll let you know when it is so you can apply with confidence.

See Winning Templates

Over time, GrantMe has helped students get into all of Canada’s top universities and win entrance awards from each of these schools. The essays from our top applicants are available for you to reference as a starting point for your own application.

Learn right from the best applications across Canada.

Winning Templates
Mentorship From University Students

What if you could connect with a student at your top school of choice, studying in your program? GrantMe students have won over $4,500,000 in scholarships and received acceptance into the top schools in Canada.

In the Academy, you will have access to GrantMe’s mentorship network. Our mentors run weekly workshops for you to connect with them and learn their keys to scholarship & post-secondary success.

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