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Premium features

  • Personalized scholarship dashboard
  • An extensive scholarship database
  • Email support
  • Prioritized scholarship matching
  • Organize and track scholarship applications
  • Scholarship deadline reminders

What Our Scholars Say

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I'm so excited that I was just accepted into Queen's Engineering and won $36,000 in scholarships.
Julia Everitt - GrantMe
Julia Everitt
Queens University
I won an entrance scholarship at Ryerson University worth $56,000. Thanks GrantMe for all your support!
Keneisha Charles - GrantMe
Keneisha Charles
Ryerson University
It's been tons of fun working and learning with GrantMe and they help me win $28,000 in entrance scholarships.
Erin Usher - GrantMe
Erin Usher
St. Francis Xavier

Full Year

$ 33
  • Access your scholarship matches and start the path to graduate debt-free. 365 day visibility on upcoming scholarships.


$ 50
  • Access your scholarship matches and start the path to graduate debt-free. 90 day visibility on upcoming scholarships.


The average student in our app matches to 90 scholarships equalling $511,113 in eligible scholarship dollars. Last year our students won on average $9100 in scholarships applying to 20-30 scholarship matches. Our top students win upwards of $100,000. And above average students win between $20,000-$40,000.

You have access to the Scholarship Matching App and Scholarship Support for 30 days on the monthly plan and 365 days from date of purchase on the annual plan. Access renews on a monthly or annual basis.

If you want support editing your essays, mentorship, or access to our office hours, you can apply to one of our programs by contacting our student success team.

We guarantee that you will match to at least $20,000 in scholarships. And if you don’t, our team will research new scholarship opportunities for you and enter them in your tracking sheet.

Since we take the scholarship searching our of your scholarship journey, we save you a ton of time in your process. Each application typically takes between 45 and 90 minutes to write and submit.

Madison, our founder, didn’t start her scholarship system until her second year of university and she still won $50,000. If you are in post-secondary there are still scholarships available and you still have time. But the longer you wait, the more your opportunity window closes.

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Our Premium Scholarship Matching App has helped thousands of Canadian students win over four million dollars in scholarships.