Top Universities in Canada 2021

Trying to decide what university to attend? Look no further! We compared rankings of the top universities in Canada across 5 major ranking platforms: Maclean’s, QS Top Universities, Times Higher Education, uniRank, and Academic Ranking of World Universities. Here’s our guide to the current top universities in Canada!

1. University of Toronto 

Across all platforms, UofT is ranked at number one of the top universities in Canada. Its top academic programs and well-known reputation put it at the top of many students’ dream schools list. In addition to academics, the location is highly valued. UofT’s three campuses across the Greater Toronto Area feature beautiful historical architecture and close proximity to plenty to explore throughout the city. 

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2. University of British Columbia

Ranked second of the top universities in Canada is UBC! If you like to be surrounded by mountains and beaches, this is the campus for you. UBC has two beautiful locations in Vancouver and the Okanagan with plenty of outdoor activities to do all year round. There is also an abundance of clubs and campus groups for students to engage in—from surfing to pottery! On top of an excellent student experience, UBC is highly regarded as a top academic institution. 

The application process for UBC is unique. In addition to grades, students must also complete a personal profile providing insight into who they are!

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3. McGill University

Next on the list is McGill in Montréal, Québec! McGill’s medicine and law programs give it a strong reputation among academics. Students also love the history and francophone culture immersed within the school. Established in 1821, it’s one of the oldest universities in Canada. If you’re into history, you’ll find lots to explore on campus. You’ll find lots to explore both on campus and throughout Montréal. Check out historical sites around the city, like Old Montreal and the beautiful Basilique Notre-Dame! 

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4. McMaster University

Fourth on the list of the top universities in Canada is McMaster! Located in Hamilton, McMaster University is just a drive away from Toronto and Niagara Falls! The school’s focus is on research-intensive and student-centred programs. Many students dedicate their studies to advance human and societal health and well-being, with Health Sciences being one of McMaster’s most competitive programs. The wealth of student extracurricular activities and clubs on campus also draw students. 

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5. Waterloo University

Last on our list of top universities in Canada is UWaterloo! The University of Waterloo is located about 1.5 hours west of Toronto, Ontario. Red and orange surrounds you from September to November as the trees change colour—a staple of Ontario autumns. Academics also rank highly at UWaterloo. Its engineering programs, experiential learning, and social impact give it a strong reputation in Canada. 

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