Trent Arts: Overview

Written by Stephanie Pugh and Matthew Tran

Do you want to engage in critical thinking and concept development, but you’re not sure which degree to pursue?

You can spend your first year in Trent’s Honours Arts program, extending your horizons, engaging in conversations with faculty experts, and exploring a number of themes before deciding on a major or joint-major in your second year!

Does this sound like the perfect plan? Well, keep reading and we’ll show you how to turn that plan into an achievable reality!

Why Choose Trent Arts?

Students at Trent Arts can blend disciplines and take classes from a range of humanities and social science departments in this first-year option! This gives you flexibility with your degree!

Here are other reasons why Trent Arts is an amazing choice:

  • Improve your Communication Skills

Through discussion-based lectures given by academics who are prominent authors, artists, and researchers, you will improve your abilities as a thinking, critical, and successful communicator.

  • Become A Multi-Disciplinary Achiever!

Studying across fields in the social sciences and humanities to explore alternative and complementary ways of thinking can help you become a creative problem-solver.

  • Gain Valuable Opportunities

Get hands-on experience that will help you further your profession in courses that allow you to apply your creativity at Trent, in the community, and beyond.

  • Become a Master of Learning Fundamentals

Learn the foundations for academic success in UNIV1000H, a one-of-a-kind first-year course with just 20 students and a renowned leading professor.

Trent Arts Highlights!

Degrees Offered:

  • B.A. (Honours)
    • In this program, you start in Honours Arts during your first year and then move into the humanities or social sciences program of your choice in second-year
    • Choose to stream into subjects like English, History, Economics, Anthropology, Media Studies, International Development Studies… and more!
    • There are 30+ B.A. degrees to choose from, which means the perfect option for you is bound to exist!

Locations Where You Study:

  • Durham GTA
  • Peterborough

Do you want to know more about what great things are offered on the Trent campus? Check out our blog: Where Is Trent University?

Popular Trent Arts Courses:

The top student rated courses at Trent include:

  • Gods, Heroes, Monsters
  • Introduction to the Integrated Arts
  • Making a Scene
  • Gender, Race and Popular Culture
  • Ten Days That Shook the World
  • Critical Thinking

Trent Arts Admission Requirements

Excited about Trent Arts? Hold your horses! Below are the requirements you must meet in high school before you apply for Trent Arts:

Ontario Secondary School Requirements:

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
  • A minimum of six Grade 12 4U or 4M courses, including program-specific prerequisites

Program Requirements:

  • A minimum 70% overall final average
  • ENG 4U with a minimum of 60%

The admission process can be confusing for entering students! Want to know more about how University Admissions work? Check out our blog about it here!

How Much Will Trent Arts Cost?

If you’re a student attending Trent Arts, and living on campus in residence the first year, your estimated costs are approximately $22,000 for four years. Don’t let this cost worry you! There are plenty of options to help make your education more affordable.

Here are some of the Trent resources you may have access to:

  • Entrance Scholarships
    • Trent’s entrance scholarships reward you for your academic achievement – and no application is required! Achieve an average of 80% or higher and you automatically receive an entrance scholarship.

Trent University’s Prestigious Scholarships are renewable entrance scholarships that reward 14 outstanding students who demonstrate leadership amongst their peers, involvement in their community, humanitarian efforts or academic successes.

  • Bursaries
    • Trent University offers an entrance bursary to students with a financial need who are starting in September and are attending a post-secondary institution for the first time. Application forms are posted in the myTrent student portal in the New Students folder under the My Account tab.
  • OSAP Loans/Grants
    • Ontario residents are eligible to receive financial assistance, in the form of grants and loans through the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). All Canadian provinces and territories offer similar student funding programs supported by both the federal and provincial governments. Read more at the Trent funding page for more information.

Need More Financial Support?

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