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Grade 9

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It is important to understand that this will be a significant year of transition in your academic journey. You will be introduced to new subjects, teachers, and classmates, and the level of academic rigor will increase. This may be overwhelming at times, but it is important to stay focused, maintain a positive attitude and seek help when needed.

If you are looking for extra support with math this is the right place to be.

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  • Operations with rational numbers (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and order of operations).
  • Exponents and exponent laws with whole-number exponents.
  • Operations with polynomials, of degree less than or equal to 2.
  • Two-variable linear relations, using graphing, interpolation, and extrapolation.
  • Multistep one-variable linear equations.
  • Spatial proportional reasoning.
  • Statistics.

Grade 10

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This year is an exciting time as you will continue to grow academically, socially, and emotionally. You can expect a challenging yet rewarding experience as you prepare for college or career readiness.

During this year, you will be introduced to more advanced and specialized courses, which will require greater attention to detail and study habits.

If you are looking for extra support with math this is the right place to be.

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  • Operations on powers with integral exponents.
  • Prime factorization.
  • Functions and relations: connecting data, graphs, and situations
  • Linear functions: slope and equations of lines.
  • Arithmetic sequences.
  • Systems of linear equations.
  • Multiplication of polynomial expressions.
  • Polynomial factoring.
  • Primary trigonometric ratios.

Grade 11

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During this year, you will take more advanced courses and may have the opportunity to take college-level courses through dual enrollment or AP classes. You will also begin to explore potential career paths and college options, so start thinking about what interests you and what you want to pursue.

If you are looking for extra support with math this is the right place to be.

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  • Real number system.
  • Powers with rational exponents.
  • Radical operations and equations.
  • Polynomial factoring.
  • Rational expressions and equations.
  • Quadratic functions and equations.
  • Linear and quadratic inequalities.
  • Trigonometry: non-right triangles and angles in standard position.

Grade 12

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During this year, you will finalize your college applications, take your final exams, and enjoy senior activities.

Strong math skills are essential for success in fields such as engineering, finance, computer science, and even healthcare. In addition, good math grades can also lead to better college and scholarship opportunities.

If you are looking for extra support with math this is the right place to be.

Have a look at our program.


  • Transformation of functions and relations.
  • Exponential functions and equations.
  • Geometric sequences and series.
  • Logarithms: operations, functions, and equations.
  • Polynomial functions and equations.
  • Rational functions.
  • Trigonometry: functions, equations, and identities.


  • Functions and graphs.
  • Limits:
    • Left and right limits.
    • Limits to infinity.
    • Continuity.
  • Differentiation:
    • Rate of change.
    • Differentiation rules.
    • Higher order, implicit.
  • Integration:
    • Approximations.
    • Fundamental theorem of calculus.
    • Methods of integration
      applications (integration).


  • Geometric constructions.
  • Parallel and perpendicular lines:
    • Circles as tools in constructions.
    • Perpendicular bisector
  • Circle geometry.
  • Constructing tangents.
  • Transformations of 2D shapes:
    • Isometries
    • Non-isometric transformations.
  • Non-Euclidean geometries.

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By focusing on one single student’s needs, students are more likely to master the concepts of a subject much faster than in a group session.  With a clear and customized plan in hand students can master the fundamentals of their subject with confidence and accelerate their learning.

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The most important measure of the effectiveness of our program is the student’s school test scores. We keep track of them and if necessary we reassess the student’s plan to be on track with the goals we have established.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Program For?

Students who are in grades 9-12, who are looking for extra support in math.

What Is The Consultation For?

The consultation will give you an idea of how our program works and we can solve any questions you may have. We will also share the tuition fee to join our program.

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Yes, the call is complimentary and it is designed to give you a clear plan and an idea of the program.

Is GrantMe A Scholarship?

No. GrantMe is not a scholarship. We are an online educational consulting program that supports students in getting accepted into top universities, maximizing how much funding they can receive, and we provide tailored scholarship matches for you to apply for. We also provide support for university admissions by providing the tools and resources students need to get into their top choice schools such as: application editing, workshops, 1-1 support & more. Out math program is an addition to all the services that we already offer.

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