Western Ivey AEO Requirements

Western University’s Ivey Honours Business Administration (HBA) is one of the most unique and sought-after programs in Canada. With an average salary of $74,908 for new graduates, top students across the country fight to be part of the Ivey AEO elite. The institution accepts students coming out of their second year of university and challenges applicants to achieve much more than a standard admissions board will. 

Getting into Ivey starts in Grade 8. The reason for this stems from the AEO status which is unique to Ivey. It stands for Advanced Entry Opportunity and extends conditional, pre-admission status to the HBA Program to exceptional high school students. Approximately 75% of each annual Ivey class will have AEO status, and those without will be competing with other students for only 25% of the space in the program. This means meeting the Western Ivey AEO requirements in high school is your best bet at getting in.

Achieving AEO Status

What’s unique about Ivey compared to other programs is a focus on leadership potential and community involvement. Administrators want to see years of established initiator roles, work experience, extracurriculars, volunteer time, and more. Which is why the most competitive candidates begin developing their student resume as early as grade 8, working with education consultants such as GrantMe to ensure they have a plan in place as well as the support and resources needed to execute on it. 

Western Ivey AEO High School Course Requirements

Top programs expect a certain quality of grades from applicants in order to be considered. Ivey is no different. To achieve AEO status, you’ll need a low to mid 90% average in your best Grade 12 high school courses, including English. As well as completion of a mathematics course for university-bound students. It’s important to understand that even though these are the Western Business school course requirements, they don’t guarantee you’ll get in. We recommend students average 96% or higher in their grade 12 year in order to secure their spot.

Become Ivey League

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Are You On Track For Your Western Application?

Here’s a checklist we go through with new students to see how prepared they are for university admissions:

University Preparation Checklist

Grade 9

  • Decided number of schools you’ll apply for
  • Researched grade requirements for those schools
  • Determined how many of these require admissions essays
  • Have read another student’s successful essay
  • Know what questions the application will ask
  • Researched how much the supplementary application is worth
  • Started writing your personal branding statement
  • Developed your first initiative/passion project
  • Impact formula planned out

Grade 10

  • Discovered your interests
  • Planned your Grade 11-12 courses
  • Created student budget plan
  • Pre-written 15 scholarship applications
  • Built your references
  • Built activities for your impact formula

Grade 11

  • Created shortlist of options
  • Researched deadlines for schools and scholarships
  • Pre-written school applications
  • Prepared for early admissions

Grade 12

  • Applied to major scholarships
  • Applied to schools
  • Kept grades competitive
  • Financial Aid application submitted
  • Planned university housing
  • Continued building student profile
  • Prom and graduation activities
  • Fulfill grad requirements

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