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Written by Arry Pandher and Shem Albert Semblante

If you’re wondering “When does Toronto Metropolitan University send acceptances?”, keep reading!

After finally submitting all your documents and finishing your application, you’re now in the next stage—the Waiting Game. It can be nerve-wracking—thinking of the outcome of your application, mulling over if you had spelled your name right or written the most impressive information—hence this blog!

Below, we will cover a summary of the Toronto Metropolitan University application process, the dates when Toronto Metropolitan University offers admissions, and your next steps after being accepted.

If you’re wondering how to apply to Toronto Metropolitan University, check out our previous blog!

Application Process: Overview

One of the most important university requirements out there is your grade average, so right now, if you have your eyes set on studying in Toronto Metropolitan University, make sure to work hard on your subjects to gain a desirable average!

This is also due to the competition of applicants! Toronto Metropolitan University encourages their candidates to present averages/grades above the minimum(s).

So when does Toronto Metropolitan University send acceptances? Well, it depends on some key dates. Here are the key deadlines you need to remember when applying to Toronto Metropolitan University!

  • Fall Term – February 1 for ALL programs (both Grades-Plus and Grades-Only)
  • Fall Term (Special Students Only) – July 15
  • Winter Term – November 1
  • Spring/Summer Term – April 15

Applications will be processed beginning October 1.

Note: Do not wait for October 1 before you start preparing. As much as possible, try to prepare for these requirements before the application date opens. The application can be competitive and space is limited, so take this chance to gain a spot at your dream program early!

What to do after Applying

  1. Try and remember if you have written the correct information in your forms and attached the correct documents/files!
    1. Changes to your application (e.g. program choice) or personal information (e.g. email/postal address/telephone) must be made as soon as possible to avoid missing key and date-sensitive information.
    2. In the event that you submitted an incomplete application, or you wish to update the information provided, you can amend it as follows: If you applied on the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) and amend via the OUAC. All other applicants must complete a Ryerson Change Form
  2. Activate your Toronto Metropolitan University Online Identity
    1. Fill in the Activation Form to activate your Toronto Metropolitan University Online Identity. Your Student/Applicant ID will be your nine-digit Toronto Metropolitan University Student Number (located in your application acknowledgement email). Remember to keep a record of your username and password. Your Toronto Metropolitan University Online Identity will be activated within 24 hours.
  3. Log in to your Choose>Toronto Metropolitan University Applicant Portal
    This is the primary source of communication between Toronto Metropolitan University and you, so make sure to check this portal every now and then!
    1. Under My Communications, you will see your letters of acceptance, etc.
    2. Under My Application Status, you can track the progress of your application. Your application status will be updated once a decision is made on your application. Upon any progress to your application, allow 48 hours for it to be reflected in your OUAC application.
  4. Submit your Transcripts and Supporting Documents
    Visit the Document Submission information to determine what documents are required in support of your application(s), as well as for submission instructions. Ensure that the following items are submitted (as applicable):
    • Academic Transcripts
    • Supplementary Form – for all except for OUAC 101 applicants.
    • Supporting Documents
      • You may submit this form if you have not received any admission decision. If you feel that your academic record does not completely reflect your potential and skills, you can submit the Special Consideration form to the Undergraduate Admissions Committee. Example: Personal/confidential information, proof of name change, or other information as applicable.
    • Non-Academic Requirements – Check your program of choice if they require you to submit requirements like videos, pass interviews, etc.
    • Proof of English Language Proficiency – If this applies to you, you will want to submit a satisfactory English Language Proficiency score.
  5. Maintain your email
    1. Add [email protected] to your email contact list to ensure you do not miss important emails.
    2. Make sure to remember your password and email address to be updated on your application!
  6. Plan your finances
    Toronto Metropolitan University offers scholarships and bursaries to help you finance your post-secondary schooling! Here at GrantMe, we also host a number of funding opportunities found outside your community. Take this free 3-minute quiz to determine the value and number of scholarships you’re eligible for!
  7. Monitor your application
    Check your Choose>Toronto Metropolitan University applicant portal regularly to:
    • Check the status of your application(s);
    • See what documents have been received and determine which ones still remain outstanding.Application information, including changing or adding program choices may be updated after applying (see Programs Accepting Applications). The method for changing this information depends on your method of application:
    1. OUAC
    2. Toronto Metropolitan University Application Form (if you applied directly to Ryerson)

When does Toronto Metropolitan University Send Acceptances?

This is what you’ve been waiting for! Toronto Metropolitan University sends offers of admission in the following months:

  • Current Ontario secondary school applicants – between February and the end of May
  • All other applicants – between February and late June
  • For Grade-Plus programs – the earliest is late January and the latest early April

Make sure to check your portals every now and then to be updated on your application status!

What to do after Acceptance

Congratulations on getting accepted! You no longer have to wonder “When does Toronto Metropolitan University send acceptances”.

Let’s take a look at what to do next!

  1. Accept your offer of admission!
    1. To accept through the OUAC
      • You will need to log in to your account to accept your offer.
      • Once you have done so, you will receive a single confirmation number, which means you have successfully accepted your offer.
      • If you do not receive this number, you will need to log back in and retry.
      • After you give your response (whether successful or not), your account will be blocked for 1-3 business days, so make sure to be prompt in accepting the university’s offer!
    2. To accept through your Toronto Metropolitan University Application Form
      • Log in to your **my.ryerson.ca account** and select the RAMSS Tab.
      • Check the Admissions section and click Accept or Decline.
  2. Next you will need to Pay your Tuition Deposit You can pay between May 15–June 8. Also check the details written in your Offer of Admission, as the deadline may differ.
    • For full-time undergraduates, the fee will be $600.
    • For part-time, it will be $200.If you’re planning to apply for university housing, you will also need to pay $50 on top of the tuition deposit. You can pay using your Canadian bank account or through Western Union Business GlobalPay for Students (for students who do not have Canadian bank accounts).
  3. Meet your Admission Conditions It is your responsibility to meet the academic admission requirements stated in your Offer of Admission by June 30th, unless otherwise stated in your offer letter. Double-check always and prepare the necessary documents before the deadline. FYI: Contact Undergraduate Admissions at the ServiceHub as soon as you know you do not meet the conditions of your Offer. You will be connected with an Admission Officer who will look into your file.

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