How to Get into: Ivey Business at Western

Written by Stephanie Pugh

The Ivey Business School at Western University is Canada’s leading provider of real-world, case-based business education.

In this program, through drawing on extensive research and business experience, Ivey faculty provide the best classroom experience, equipping students, through Case-Method Learning, with the skills and capabilities they need to tackle today’s leadership challenges. Beyond the classroom, Ivey students gain a global perspective on business issues, through international study trips, exchanges and practicums.

Are you wanting to join the Ivey business league? Well, keep on reading and we will tell you how to get into the Ivey Business Program at Western University!

Applying to Ivey from High School

The Ivey Advanced Entry Opportunity (AEO) extends conditional, pre-admission status to the HBA Program to exceptional high school students.

Ivey AEO status is available to students who choose to study at Western or one of its affiliated university colleges (in a faculty of their choice) for their first two years of university.

Acceptance Rates

The Ivey HBA AEO Admissions Process is one of the most rigorous and thorough in Canada, and for good reason. The HBA Program is one of the most prestigious business programs in the country, meaning the Admissions Board for the program only wants the brightest and best students entering their program.

Ivey receives thousands of applications for the AEO path each year making it extremely competitive and sought-after. The number of applications they receive each year is growing. It is estimated that about 7,500 people apply to Ivey each year, with only 600-700 students being accepted— giving an acceptance rate of 8.5%.

Ivey Admission Average

To have a competitive AEO application, your average must be over 93% and you must have solid extracurricular experience.

Ivey weighs grades and extracurriculars on a 50/50 basis, meaning they are equally important.

Even if you have a 99% average and you have no extracurricular experience, you will not get an AEO offer.

However, there is also the possibility that if you have incredible extracurriculars (started your own business, etc.) you can get AEO status with a slightly lower average, maybe around 87-89%.

Course Requirements

If you currently attend an Ontario high school, Ivey’s AEO status requires the following courses before you can be officially admitted:

Screen Shot 2021-11-07 at 12.55.01 PM.png

Ivey does not have grade cut-offs for each individual course. Instead, they state the cumulative average from your six best courses should be at least 90% to be considered competitive.

However, once again, your AEO offer is technically only a conditional offer to the HBA Program, meaning you are subject to you completing some other requirements during your first two years of undergraduate studies.

However, these progression requirements are only enacted once you start as a student at Western. For now, just worry about the high school requirements and completing your application!

Screen Shot 2021-11-07 at 1.04.05 PM.png

How to Apply from Secondary School

1. Western Application

Apply for admission to Western or one of its affiliated university colleges through the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC)

2. Ivey Application

Apply for Ivey Advanced Entry Opportunity (AEO) conditional pre-admission to the Ivey HBA Program (please do not use your high school email address).

  • Complete Years 1 & 2 At Western

Progression standards are required to maintain your conditional acceptance.

Need Support to Get into Ivey Business at Western?

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