Does GrantMe Work?

With a platform as unique as GrantMe, it’s fair to ask not only how GrantMe works, but if it even does. Check out our video below where we go through reviews, our platform, and features, and answer the question – does GrantMe work?

GrantMe is an education consulting platform. This means that we have helped over 20,000 students get into their dream schools, land internships, and find over 4 million dollars in scholarship money.

We’ve been featured countless times all over Canadian and global media, and our founder Madison Guy was included in Forbes 30 under 30 – quite an accomplishment!

We do this by not just offering scholarship matching services, but also monthly webinars, essay editing help and templates, as well as networking opportunities to match with internships through our partnerships with various scholarship organizations and universities. These partnerships are what makes us so successful at what we do. You can think of it as a secret network with opportunities that you wont be able to find anywhere else.

Our monthly webinars are also a student favourite.

We have 8 workshops a month that include career-building topics such as Vision and Goals, Health and Well-being, Community and Initiative, Writing, Discover and Prepare for School, Planning your finances, Networking, and Career.

If you’re curious about our GrantMe winners, you can check out GrantMe’s student stories as well as a Kate’s feature on our Youtube channel!

If you would like to access the student workshops as well as our other features, take our Scholarship Eligibility Quiz to find out how you can be a part of the GrantMe community!

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