What is Extreme Ownership?

Have you ever been in a team with a leader that just didn’t know how to lead? Did you feel that their ineffectiveness in being a leader caused you to be an unproductive member of your team? Well, in Extreme Ownership, Jocko Willink introduces the concept of Extreme Ownership. This is a way for leaders to look at problems objectively by putting ego aside, and accepting responsibilities for failures.

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Jocko Willink is an ex-Navy SEAL and outlines several important points on effective leadership. In this blog, I’ll be outlining the three ways you can start taking extreme ownership right now!

Bad Team = Bad Leader

Leaders who take Extreme Ownership have a team with a high standard of performance. These standards are not what you preach but instead what you tolerate. The culture of the team should retain high value results, and high standards. If this culture is built correctly within the team, the team structure and integrity should stay the same even if the leader leaves. Essentially, the team itself is a reflection of the leader. Therefore, there are no bad teams – only bad leaders.

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Be a Believer

In order to be a believer, you need to believe in the mission of the team. You must align your thoughts and values to the mission of the team, and make sure that the team does so as well. Overcome challenges and taking the risks is essential to believing in the mission.

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Ditch the Ego

To be a leader that takes extreme ownership, you must let go of subjectivity. Ego invites subjectivity by clouding your judgement, and making you unable to give good advice, and take constructive criticism! When you ditch your ego, you will improve your project management and communication skills. This will positively affect the productivity of your team!

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