GrantMe Reviews: How to Win $5000 in Scholarships

Will plans to study cellular biology as an incoming first-year. He hopes to converge his love for conservation and cellular biology in future scientific research endeavours. In this GrantMe Reviews, Will tells us how to win $5000 in scholarships. He also goes over his favourite GrantMe tool, his tips for time management, and his plans for the future!

“GrantMe is essential for teenagers like us who are transitioning to university life.” – Will Gonzalez (GrantMe student)

Writing a $5000 Scholarship Essay

Will’s biggest struggle as a STEM student was his lack of experience in writing. Luckily, GrantMe’s Essay Editing Team, who have a 24 hour turnaround time and a 94% customer satisfaction rate were eager to help. With their help, and the Essay Wizard‘s in-line recommendations and templates, Will was able to win awards worth $5,000.

The GrantMe Reviews team asked Will about his favourite tool, and he said that in order to win $5000 in scholarships, GrantMe’s Essay tools were essential!

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Overcoming Challenges

As a high-achieving student, Will’s most common problem was burnout. To avoid burnout, Will made sure to prioritize his breaks. Will made sure to do what he enjoyed during these breaks. These breaks allowed him to space out his work. As a result, Will produced high quality work rather than low quality, rushed essays.

We outline how to avoid burnout using the Pomodoro Method below!

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