The Road to Empowering Women with UBC WEC

Written by: UBC Women Empowerment Club

In the summer of 2020, the founding members of the UBC Women Empowerment Club heard a cry for more events and campaigns geared towards making anyone who identifies as a woman feel welcomed on campus. This is where UBC WEC was born. For the past two years, and for many more years to come, UBC WEC’s mission has been to provide a platform for marginalized voices at UBC, a safe space for women to collaborate and share ideas, and to be a provider of workshops, resources, and events. 

Although UBC remains one of the most progressive and actively inclusive universities in North America, the effects of sexism and discrimination can still be felt in its classrooms and on its campus. UBC WEC works to raise awareness for these occurrences through social media campaigns, such as “POV: A Woman at UBC”. Because university can be such a large and difficult place to make close connections with other students, UBC WEC also makes it a priority to provide opportunities for students to meet other like-minded individuals while discussing important topics. For a place to share opinions, meet people, and participate in fun activities, look no further than UBC WEC’s “Girl Talk” events. 

One source of empowerment that UBC WEC often leans on is education. Education is an impactful resource that can change the way people think about issues, and raise awareness for them. UBC WEC’s workshops and seminars aim to educate the public on specific topics, provide networking opportunities for students with driven, career-focused women, and answer questions regarding both sensitive issues and general problems. For example, WEC’s Women in the Workplace Seminar highlights successful women in different fields that can answer questions for students who aim for similar heights. In November 2020 we had the opportunity to hear from Madison Guy, founder of GrantMe. We learned a great deal about the barriers and successes that come with starting your own company, especially as a woman.

The most important thing that UBC WEC aims to do is be a supportive resource for women on campus. For incoming UBC students, their inboxes are always open. UBC WEC wants to hear about your thoughts, and ideas, and think of ways to implement them. UBC WEC wants to hear about your questions, concerns, and problems, and think of ways that they can support you. Whether you feel the need for some fun, some inspiration, new skills, or education, UBC WEC has your back.

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