Volunteering in Vancouver

Vancouver. Knows for its amazing views, its mild (-ish) weather, and its over-priced living costs. If you live here, you know the drill, Vancouver is a busy city with tons of opportunities. But the question remains how do you find volunteering opportunities in Vancouver?

BC Volunteering Requirement

If you are part of the BC high school system, you know that you can gather volunteering hours at school. In British Columbia, high school students must complete 30 hours of volunteer work to graduate. The goal is to help students develop a sense of community involvement and to encourage them to become active citizens. By completing these hours, students not only fulfill a graduation requirement but also gain valuable experience and skills that will serve them well in their future personal and professional endeavours.

Volunteering in Vancouver: Opportunities Outside of School

The hours can be completed at any point during the student’s high school career, and many schools offer resources to help students find volunteer opportunities, but if you want to try something new or want to make your resume and experience stand out, you can also check out these opportunities.

  1. Vancouver Food Bank: The Vancouver Food Bank provides food assistance to over 28,000 people each week. You can volunteer your time to help sort and pack food or assist with food distribution.
  2. Vancouver Aquarium: The Vancouver Aquarium is always looking for volunteers to help with their educational programs and to assist with the care of their marine animals.
  3. Vancouver Public Library: The Vancouver Public Library offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities, from helping with book sales to leading conversation circles for newcomers to Canada.
  4. Vancouver Coastal Health: Vancouver Coastal Health is looking for volunteers to help in hospitals and care homes across the city. You can assist with patient care, help with administrative tasks, or provide companionship to patients.
  5. Habitat for Humanity: Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that builds affordable housing for families in need. You can volunteer your time to help with construction or assist with their ReStore.

These are just a few of the many volunteering opportunities available in Vancouver. Volunteering is a great way to make a positive impact in your community while also learning new skills and meeting new people. So why not give it a try?

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