What GPA Do I Need To Get Into Waterloo? 

Waterloo’s Required GPA is the minimum grade point average that Waterloo requires for admission into the university. The Waterloo required GPA is not confirmed. However, for more programs, successful students usually fall on a 3.3+ on a 4.0 point system. Waterloo does accept a limited number of Transfer Students from other universities and colleges. All Waterloo students are required to maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 point system in order to remain in good academic standing at the university. Waterloo’s Required GPA may be raised or lowered in future years based on the applications received and the number of spaces available in each program.

Importance of GPA for Waterloo

Waterloo’s Admission criteria include a minimum base GPA of 70%. Waterloo engineering is one of the most competitive programs to get into. Last year, they received over 22,000 applications and only accepted 5% of those applicants. Waterloo requires a higher GPA because they want to ensure that their students can handle the program. They receive so many applications because Waterloo is one of the top engineering schools in Canada. Their program is designed to set their students up for success in their careers. Waterloo graduates are highly sought after by employers. The skills that Waterloo students learn are transferable and highly valued in the industry. They are not only looking for students who can do well academically but also for those who are passionate about learning and collaborating. Waterloo’s co-operative education program is another reason why employers love to hire their graduates. The co-op program allows students to gain up to 2 years of relevant work experience before they even graduate! This gives employers confidence that Waterloo graduates are ready to hit the ground running and be an asset to their team from day one. Employers know that Waterloo engineering students have the skills and experience that they need to be successful in their careers. So if you’re thinking about applying to Waterloo engineering, make sure your GPA is strong!

What is the Average GPA of Waterloo Applicants?

Waterloo’s required GPA is 70%. Waterloo defines a strong applicant as “an applicant whose marks demonstrate an exceptionally high degree of achievement.” Waterloo will consider your entire academic record when determining your admissibility. However, they will focus on your highest marks achieved in six grade 12 U or M courses. If you have completed less than six grade 12 U or M courses, Waterloo will also consider marks achieved in grade 11 courses. Waterloo does not calculate an overall average for applicants; instead, they focus on individual marks achieved in required subjects. If you are retaking a required course, Waterloo will consider both the first and second mark when determining your admissibility. For more information on Waterloo’s admission requirements, please visit their website.

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