McMaster Health Supplementary Application Examples for 2024

There’s a proven formula to McMaster Health supplementary applications, and we’re about to reveal it to you.

If you’re a McMaster’s Health Sciences hopeful, you know how fiercely competitive the application process is. It’s the supplementary application that trips up so many applicants, but don’t worry – we’re here to give you the inside scoop.

In this guide, we’ll share the same insider secrets that have helped GrantMe students unlock over $2 million in total funding.

We’ll break down McMaster Health supplementary application examples, shine light on the winning strategies, and show you step-by-step how to write the perfect essay.

Ready to learn the secrets to crafting McMaster Health applications that get a second look?

Fierce Competition for Canada’s Top Health Sciences Program

McMaster Health Sciences is in a league of its own. It’s a one-of-a-kind program in Canada that takes a holistic approach to investigating health and disease. A degree opens doors to long and fulfilling careers in health and wellness.

But the real challenge is getting in. 

McMaster Health Sciences is looking for well-rounded students that bring more than just good grades to the table. They want to get to know you beyond the surface, hence the supplementary application.

It includes two questions, each with three prompts to choose from. Your answers (limited to 1500 characters each) are your chance to show off your experiences, unique qualities, and passion for health sciences.

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The STAR Method: Your Secret to Crafting the Perfect Essay

The McMaster Health Sciences supplementary essays are your chance to tell your story. The key is making it compelling and memorable.

Our secret? The STAR method, a proven formula for making your essay stand out and convey the qualities you intend it to.

STAR stands for:

  • Situation: Describe the context of your experience. Where and when did this experience occur? Who was involved?
  • Task: Explain your role in facing a challenge or reaching a goal. What did you do to improve or get through the situation?
  • Action: What steps did you take to reach the goal? Highlight the skills you utilized to  achieve it.
  • Result: What outcomes or accomplishments did your actions bring? Describe these outcomes, what you accomplished and learned, and how it affected others.

This simple but powerful framework is perfect for crafting stand-out answers to behavioral questions, the kind you’ll find on the McMaster Health Sciences supplemental application.

Why STAR Works for McMaster Health Sciences Essays

The McMaster Health Sciences program is looking for well-rounded individuals who have a passion for health and demonstrated leadership.

The STAR method helps you showcase these qualities like a pro:

  • Concrete evidence: STAR uses real-world examples to prove your skills and experience.
  • Unique contributions: By focusing on your specific actions and results, you can showcase your unique value and potential.
  • Demonstrated thought process: STAR gives admissions committees insight into how you  tackle challenges, analyze situations, and make decisions – all crucial skills for a career in health sciences.

Pro Tips for Implementing STAR

Before you start writing, use these tips to help you uncover the most impactful stories:

  • Think like the admissions committee: What qualities and skills are they looking for?
  • Brainstorm relevant experiences: Look back on your academic, volunteer, and extracurricular activities. Which ones best demonstrate the key qualities?
  • Identify quantifiable results: How can you use metrics and numbers to drive home the impact of your efforts?
  • Take time for reflection: Consider how your past experiences have helped make you who you are.

By applying these tips, you’ll be sure to craft a compelling narrative that captures the attention of the McMaster admissions committee.

McMaster Health Sciences Essay Examples

It’s time to see the STAR method in action.

We’ll break down a few examples of successful McMaster Health Sciences supplementary application essays, revealing why they work and how you can apply the same strategies to your own writing.

Example 1: The “Alone” Advocate

Prompt: You have been selected to compete as a contestant on your favourite TV competition show (past or present), where the producers will donate $25,000 to the cause of your choice if you win. What show would you want to be on, and what cause would you choose to direct your winnings to?

Example Essay Response:

If I were selected to compete on a TV show with the opportunity to raise $25,000 for a cause, I’d choose Alone, a show where contestants compete for survival in the remote wilderness with minimal supplies. In order to survive, I’d need to make full use of my resilience, problem-solving and critical thinking skills – qualities essential for every future healthcare professional. I would also leverage the spotlight to advocate for the importance of mental health support for youth in isolation.

Growing up in a rural community, I witnessed firsthand the struggles many young people face when they’re isolated and have limited access to mental health resources. The COVID pandemic only exacerbated these issues and allowed me to recognize the urgent need for support.

My appearance on Alone would be the perfect opportunity to showcase my resourcefulness and highlight the emotional impacts of loneliness and isolation from a mental health perspective. By sharing my own experiences and vision, I’d hope to destigmatize mental health struggles and shine the light on Canada’s need for increased support and resources for young people facing similar challenges.

The $25,000 in prize money would be donated to create a virtual mentorship program, connecting isolated youth with access to guidance, support and a sense of community from trained professionals and peers. This initiative represents my unwavering passion for mental health and my vision of a future where affected youth have access to the human connection they deserve.

STAR Breakdown:

  • Situation: The essay uses a hypothetical scenario to highlight their passion for mental health advocacy.
  • Task: The writer aims to raise awareness for mental health support while competing to survive in the wilderness.
  • Action: They will endure physical challenges to share personal experiences and advocate for more dedicated resources in the Canadian healthcare system.
  • Result: The prize money will go towards funding a virtual mentorship program for isolated youth, and the show’s exposure will amplify awareness for the cause.

Why this essay works:

  • Paints a clear picture of the writer’s goals and strategies by outlining the situation, task, action, and result.
  • Shows key qualities such as empathy, passion for advocacy, resilience, and proactive problem-solving.
  • Connects the writer’s personal experience to their passion for a highly relevant cause.

Example 2: The Small-Town Dreamer

Prompt: In his book Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell explores the idea that success does not derive simply from a person’s character or talents or ability, but also about the accumulation of their experiences and opportunities, and notes that “Who we are cannot be separated from where we’re from.” Tell us about where you’re from, and how it has shaped who you are.

Example Essay Response:

I grew up in Port Hardy, a remote fishing town on Vancouver Island – and this experience shaped my dream of becoming a healthcare professional in countless ways. Having only a single-story hospital and limited access to specialists, our community relied heavily on the dedication of our local healthcare providers.

It wasn’t until my grandfather suffered a stroke that I truly appreciated the importance of accessible healthcare.

Witnessing the health crisis’ impact on my family opened my eyes to the challenges that Canadians in rural areas face on a daily basis. However, the compassionate care our local doctors and nurses provided, despite their limited resources, lit a spark in me to pursue a career in medicine and make a real difference in underserved communities.

Even though Port Hardy didn’t offer the same academic opportunities that larger cities did, growing up there instilled a strong sense of community and taught me the importance of accessible healthcare. This unique upbringing has not only fueled my passion for medicine but also shaped my values and aspirations as a future healthcare professional.

I dream of becoming a doctor who not only treats patients, but advocates for equal health care access. I’m grateful that my roots in Port Hardy have shown me that healthcare is more than just treating illness, it’s about empowering communities and ensuring everyone has the same opportunity to thrive.

STAR Breakdown:

  • Situation: The writer grew up in a small town with limited access to healthcare.
  • Task: The writer decided to pursue a career in medicine.
  • Action: Witnessing the dedication of healthcare providers during a family health crisis contributed to the writer’s aspiration.
  • Result: The writer developed a deep appreciation for community health and a commitment to accessible healthcare.

Why this essay works:

  • Demonstrates the writer’s personal journey using the STAR method.
  • Connects to a personal narrative
  • Showcases resilience, empathy and a commitment to community health, qualities McMaster values.
  • Effectively addresses the prompt by linking upbringing to career aspirations and values.

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Mastering McMaster Health Sciences Supplementary Essays

Now that you’ve had a behind-the-scenes look at the McMaster Health Sciences application process and the strategies that have helped our past students succeed, it’s your turn.

Take your insights and go implement.

And remember, McMaster’s supplementary application is an opportunity – a chance to showcase the unique experiences and traits that make you the ideal candidate. Use it to demonstrate your potential and passion for making a real difference in the health sciences field.

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