Queen’s Commerce Tuition

Think you know how much Queen’s Commerce tuition costs? Most students are surprised when they hear the numbers for the first time.

But before you jump to any conclusions, consider this. Even Elon Musk started his journey at Queen’s Commerce. He only spent two years in the program, but if his track record is any indication (think Paypal, SpaceX and Tesla), then it’s definitely a great way to launch your business career.

Curious to see if Queen’s Commerce is a good fit for you too? You’ll need to account for more than just the tuition costs. It takes years to develop a strong student profile and successful students start preparing years in advance.

Let’s delve into the breakdown of costs, fees, and potential ways to save before you even start dreaming of submitting your application.

One of Canada’s Most Prestigious Commerce Programs

Queen’s Commerce is one of the most sought-after programs in Canada, and with that comes a hefty price tag.

Current fees for domestic students are $17,756 and $61,581 for international students. Considering the average tuition fees are $7,076 nationwide, this may come as a shock.

But Canada’s top students recognize the true value of this degree. Over 9000 applicants compete for acceptance each year with less than 500 earning their way into the corridors of the historic Goodes Hall.

Here’s a breakdown of the investment so you can get a feel for the numbers.

Tuition Breakdown

Queen’s Commerce tuition is assessed on a per-unit basis.

Most students take between 30 and 33 units each year.

Domestic Students – Ontario Residents

  • Unit Fee: $493.56
  • Ancillary Fees: $1,359.40
  • Tuition: $16,397.48
  • Total: $17,756.88

Domestic Students – Non-Ontario Residents

  • Unit Fee: $544.14 (Year 1 and 2); $493.60 (Year 3 and 4)
  • Ancillary Fees: $1,359.40
  • Tuition: $18,066.62
  • Total: $19,426.02

International Students 

  • Unit Fee: $1,798.66
  • University Health Insurance Plan: $756
  • Tuition: $59,465.78
  • Total: $61,581.18

Extra Costs

Course costs are only part of the tuition equation.

You’ll also need to factor in student fees ($1,250) and textbooks ($2,175), plus the cost of  residence and a meal plan if you live on campus.

Student activity fees are mandatory for all Queen’s University students. They cover clubs and services and cost $350 for a full-term program and $175 for a partial-term program.

Ancillary Fees

Ancillary fees total $821.89 and include services like:

  • Academic Grievance Centre
  • AMS Food Bank
  • First Aid Queen’s
  • Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance

Ancillary fees cover services, materials, and activities not covered by university tuition. At Queen’s, all students who register for 9.0+ credit hours in a term or 18.0+ credit hours over fall and winter terms must pay ancillary fees. 

Pro tip: You can opt out of ancillary fees once a year, just be sure to check the deadlines on the Queen’s website.

Queen’s Commerce also has program-specific fees that will be included in the total tuition cost.

Commerce Society (COMSOC)

When you want to take a break from the spreadsheets, Queen’s Commerce students can take advantage of the Smith Commerce Society, Canada’s largest undergraduate business society.

Here are the fees if you do decide to join:

Mandatory Fees – Commerce Society Operating Fee: $85

Optional Fees – Commerce Outreach Fund and Student Venture Fund Fee: $15

Residence Fees

Residence fees change each year and depend on the room option you select. 

Here are the costs for a single room for the 2024-25 period:

  • Deposit: $525
  • Room and Meal (includes the mandatory residence meal plan): $16,632
  • Residence Society: $103
  • Good-to-Go and Flex Dollars: $150
  • Insurance: $86.40 (you can opt out of this one!)

The total residence fees are a whopping $17,496.40, but hey – at least you get to live right on campus in Kingston, which was voted the top student city last year. 

Funding Your Queen’s Commerce Dream

Queen’s Commerce program doesn’t come cheap, but you can use your business savvy to secure additional funding. Get in touch with the university to ask about scholarship and funding opportunities.

Queen’s Commerce students have numerous options to help fund their post-secondary dreams. 

For example, there are the Queen’s General Bursary and Named General Bursaries that all Queen’s students are eligible for. Then there are Commerce-specific funding options like the Accenture Scholarship in the Smith School of Business and the Christopher R. Bennett Memorial Award, awarded in the second year of the Bachelor of Commerce program.

You can also explore government funding, like the Ontario Student Assistance Program.

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The True Value of Queen’s Commerce Tuition

Queen’s Commerce is a highly-sought after program for good reason.

Want to see how Queen’s Commerce tuition costs stack up against other top commerce programs in Canada?

  • UBC Sauder School of Business is $5,960 for Year 1 and $8,832 for Years 2-4. 
  • UofT Rotman Commerce is $6,100 for Year 1 and $15,900 for Upper Years.
  • McGill Desautels is $5,354 for tuition and extras.

Considering Queen’s Commerce tuition ($17,756) is roughly three times higher than the other top commerce programs, it’s pretty evident it’s in a league of its own. 

Its intimate study environment, international networking opportunities, excellent student-professor ratio, and the highest graduate employment rates in the country make it a unique learning experience that’s well worth the investment.

94% of graduates are employed within six months with an average starting salary of $64,737.

Need More Help Financing Your Business Degree?

As you can see, the value of Queen’s Commerce is more than just that big number you see when you first research the tuition costs. Every year, hundreds of Canada’s top students consider it one of the best investments in their future success.

And like any big investment, this is one that warrants expert guidance and a well-crafted game plan.

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