What Is UBC Science’s Acceptance Rate?

UBC Science Acceptance Rate

Careers in STEM, and especially ‘S’cience, are fast-growing and highly-sought after. 

Science-educated graduates enjoy exciting careers that are full of travel opportunities; offer incredible employment benefits; allow you to participate in the cutting edge of research & technology; and enjoy no shortage of big words, such as Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis!

It’s a dream for many young people around Canada. With UBC Science’s acceptance rates estimated to be between 10-25%, how do you make it come true?

How To Get Into UBC Science

The Science program at UBC offers prospective ‘scientists’ the opportunity to receive a priceless education from top professors in a world-class institution. You’ll finish your four years with a degree that’s respected around the world and job prospects knocking at your door.

The program is also one of the most challenging in Canada to get accepted into. UBC expects an average of +86% to be considered for their faculty of Science. However, being such a competitive program, students will often need to strive for 90% or higher in their Grade 12 year in order to have a decent shot at getting in.

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The Winning Formula

There are a few key ingredients your admissions board will be looking for when considering your application to UBC Science. However, it’s important to understand that having the right ingredients is only one aspect of any successful scientific endeavour! Not only will you be expected to have good grades, but your student resume will play a big role as well. What that profile contains, as well as how it’s presented in admissions essays in your personal profile, will help successful students to set themselves apart from the rest. 

Start Early to Stay Ahead

Students often have a hard time understanding how best to prepare their student resume and ensure it shines on their applications. As well, many students don’t realize that top candidates begin preparing their student resume as early as Grade 8. Meaning if you’re waiting until your Grade 12 year, you’re likely already behind. Fortunately, GrantMe has organized the tools and resources students need to get a plan in place and get to the top of their class, whether they’re just starting high school or looking to finish strong.

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To get you started, GrantMe has developed a comprehensive list of additional courses and considerations for students across Canada who are looking into UBC Science as their school of choice.

Are You On Track For Your UBC Application?

Here’s a checklist we go through with new students to see how prepared they are for university admissions:

University Preparation Checklist

Grade 9

  • Decided number of schools you’ll apply for
  • Researched grade requirements for those schools
  • Determined how many of these require admissions essays
  • Have read another student’s successful essay
  • Know what questions the application will ask
  • Researched how much the supplementary application is worth
  • Started writing your personal branding statement
  • Developed your first initiative/passion project
  • Impact formula planned out

Grade 10

  • Discovered your interests
  • Planned your Grade 11-12 courses
  • Created student budget plan
  • Pre-written 15 scholarship applications
  • Built your references
  • Built activities for your impact formula

Grade 11

  • Created shortlist of options
  • Researched deadlines for schools and scholarships
  • Pre-written school applications
  • Prepared for early admissions

Grade 12

  • Applied to major scholarships
  • Applied to schools
  • Kept grades competitive
  • Financial Aid application submitted
  • Planned university housing
  • Continued building student profile
  • Prom and graduation activities
  • Fulfill grad requirements

If a lot of this is new to you or you’re feeling behind, don’t worry. GrantMe helps students get caught up and get ahead in less time.

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