What is the difference between college and university?

Thinking of going to post-secondary school and confused about the difference between college and university? What is a diploma or a degree? Which one do you need? The difference between college and university depend on your academic goals! We answer all your questions about the difference between college and university in the video below!


Firstly, universities administer degrees which usually take four years to complete. Individuals can also complete their graduate degrees and PhD’s in a university! In addition, universities are also research-based. This implies a broader focus on the subject rather than relying on knowledge or training for a specific position. For example, if your major is Business, you will most likely learn about commerce, management, marketing, and finance. You have the option to focus further in any of these subjects as you look for co-ops or internships. The broader your subject is, the more opportunities you have to choose your focus. University is a great option for students unsure about a specialized focus in their education. A four-year degree is also very impressive on resumes! Degrees from esteemed universities are beneficial because hiring companies will know that the individual applying is high achieving.

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Now that we know about universities, what is the difference between college and university? Colleges usually administer 2-3 year diplomas or 1 year certificates. College programs are less broad and more specific. They are usually beneficial for individuals looking for a skill upgrade, apprenticeship, or a job in trades. College programs also have a smaller class ratio, and hands-on training while universities provide opportunities for co-ops, job fairs, and internships of your choosing.

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